Can Anyone With The Right Commitment Build A Long Term Online Business Through Blogging?

Your friend and a few others have started to build their own business online and through the power of the internet. You are tempted to follow the trend to start your own online business. One of the ways is through launching a blog. But can it be done? Fortunately, the short answer is yes, and it can be done.

The first thing is all about the attitude. With the right attitude, you should be showing that you are really committed with your blog and doing the actual work on a constant basis. Additionally, you will need a plan that involves building web traffic that can come to your blog on a constant basis through search engine optimization (SEO). Any SEO company or experienced SEO consultant would have assured of this fact.

One common problem with new bloggers is that they want to start seeing the result immediately without actually understanding they will have to first put in the hard work for at least 3-6 months. SEO is a long process that involves you carefully to craft the SEO strategy, register your own domain name, set up the basic web hosting, build the site structure that would benefit SEO, produce and publish the content, and market your blog. Therefore the positive results would only come when they can commit to the hard work regularly.

Think this way: You will have to work your way up day after day and very consistently till one day it shows that Google has started trust you and your site, mainly due to your quality content, the industry authority you have imposed, and the great user experience your blog is able to bring to all the end users.

As for commitment, it may well mean that you are going to repeat and maintain the same hard work for the next five years. By about a year from now, you may see some signs that your website gets found now quite a few keyword searches on Google, Yahoo, or Bing. This is the point where you must keep it up. At this point you already know that the initial work you have put in have paid off, and this is where you should invest further into improving the details of your blog’s SEO.

When you focus on blogging SEO, connect your blog/site to Google’s official webmaster tool, Search Console. The tool will provide invaluable data insights into the search engine crawl errors that your blog may have at a specific timeframe. Another aspect is to be able to use a monitoring tool such as the free version of Google Analytics. The tool lets you know from what other online channels your blog readers may have come through, and which countries or regions in the world they locate.

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