For your motorcycle boots to stay in the good initial condition, necessary measures need to get taken. This guide will help you to take appropriate care for your motorcycle boots when they get wet.

  1. Immediate withdrawal from water.

One of the greatest enemies to leather boots is water. You should not ignore when your leather boots get wet. In case the shoes get into the water, they should be removed as soon as possible and gently dried. Do not force dry, especially by the use of heat. It is because the leather will, in turn, harden and shrink. It will only take a few cycles to trash the boots.

  1. Air-dry the boots.

The boots should be dried using less or no heat at all. You should let sufficient air to flow and dry them. If the shoes are half soaked, it can take at most one day them. For you to soak your boots daily, you should be having two or more pairs of boots. It is precise dangerous for your feet and shoes. Avoid soaked boots in cold climates where the cold feet can threaten your life.

  1. Waterproof your boots.

Quite a few items can make your boots repellant. Some of them even claim to make the shoes waterproof. Some boots come with inserts and factory treatment. These also need to be maintained. You should deliberate on the many categories of water proofers. However, the selection gets restricted by compatibility with what the factory put on.

  1. Washing dirt from your boots.

You need to clean and dry the boots before applying waterproofing or water repellant. Use a wet brush to scrub off the heavy dirt from the shoes. You can use a moistened cloth with a solvent to wipe away the light deposits. The water evaporates easily and quickly, and hence you won’t need a lot of time before waterproofing.

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