Tips For Closing More Playlist Pitches

Even if the music industry is changing in terms of formats, the challenge that music artists face still remain the same; how do you get more people to listen to your music, love it and retain them as your fans?

For every artist the most vital part of their musical career is getting the right music discovery opportunities. The marketing style has changed from the traditional album format to placing emphasis on singles in key curated playlists on streaming platforms like Apple Music and Spotify. Playlists re now the main driver of music marketing especially for upcoming artists so Playlist Pitching is essential. Getting a track on the right Spotify playlist can attract a huge fan base with just one key placement.

Here are some key tips that can help close a playlist pitch that will be of great favor to the artist.

  1. Social followers

Developing artists will most likely have a minimum budget that cant cater for radio, marketing tools, PR campaign, so the most affordable way to develop I through social media. Using press highlights, the number of people following your social media platforms will catch the attention of streaming services that your music is something and it deserves attention.

Get your fans and media outlets to talk about your music and to share in your vision. The fan base you acquire and the followers will help a lot to make your Playlist Plugging or Playlist Pitching.

  1. Website Links

Streaming services also look at when considering whether or not to add your track on a playlist is whether you are including their links on your website. Many artists usually forget to add a spotify play button or a playlist widget on their web. Streaming services will appreciate you after you show that you recognize them and you give them a priority. So add the links to your social media profile and on the download buy links on your website and on the socials too.

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