What You Need For A First Time Night Out Camping

Camping is fun, but for first timers it can be daunting. Apart from the tent, here is a list of things you need to carry to make your first time experience a good one.

Tarp: this a thick plastic sheet that you put under the tent to create a barrier between the ground and the tent. It is useful to create an even surface and it prevents the dampness of the ground from reaching the tent. This way you will have a peaceful night sleep especially when it is on a rainy season.

Thermal imaging camera: as a first time camper, you will be a little bit scared of the night out jumping at every sound you hear or a little rattle if the leaves. To feel safer, you need a thermal imaging camera, http://ueberlebensmesser.info/waermebildkamera-jagd/, that will enable you to see in the dark to confirm the sore of any sounds. This way you will feel safer.

Sleeping bag: you need insulation during the cold night and you can get the best from a good sleeping bag. You don’t want to be freezing the whole night missing your bed. Buy a sleeping bag that can still provide warmth even when the temperatures are too low. Dress warmly to enhance your warmth, long pants, a pair of socks and a pullover will do you good.

Shoes: wear shoes that have a hard sole that cannot be pierced by sharp objects. Keep off scandals when you are out for camping. Than me later when you save your leg after stepping on a sharp piece of rock or thorn.

Head lamp: you need light in the night to look for your car keys or to find a spot you can answer to yur call of nature at night.

Bug spray: you will find bugs and other crawling insects and you don’t want to keep squeezing them to death the whole night so you should equip yourself with an effective bug spray to keep the crawling comrades away.

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