Top Web Design Trends for your Business

If you want to make sure that your business is bringing in new leads online, then you want to have a top notch website. The following web design trends can make your business website really stand out with brand new features that your customers love. Join us as we take a look at the trends you should be utilising.

Responsive Design

One of the most important things that your site can have is a responsive design. This means that the mobile version of the site should shrink down and display well across all devices. With mobile traffic becoming ever more important, you can’t afford to be passing this up.

If you want your site to bring you in more leads then think about the mobile experience too. This will drastically increase the amount of business that your site is able to bring in. This can be fairly easy with newer platforms, though if your site is older it may need to be reconstructed to make it mobile ready.


Getting your customers engaging on the site will make for a much better experience. Giving them the chance to chat with a chatbot will improve the time that they spend on your site. These can be very simple programmes that just direct your user around the site.

Creating a small decision tree to direct users to the services that they’re most interested in makes for an interesting element of your site. You can use a web design company in Bristol to help you in creating these elements in your site.


Giving your site a bit of creative flair is important, especially if you want to showcase who you are as a brand. If you’re the kind of person that wants a site that’s unique, you can use asymmetry to bring this to your site. This can make the site feel more dynamic and interesting, which will make for a better user experience.

Think about how you want to use your imagery, to get the best possible impact. If you have a limited portfolio of images then you want to avoid repetition. Carry this through the whole site to make a consistent design that looks great across all of the pages.


The fonts that you use will tell people a lot about who you are as a brand. Fonts that have a serif tend to give an impression of an older, more established professional business. If you’re trying to attract a younger, more casual audience then you may want to choose a font without a serif. These tend to feel more playful and casual.

Choose your fonts and colour schemes wisely to create a design that’s really cohesive. You want to ensure that all elements are contributing towards the same theme, as you don’t want conflicting items.

With a better site, you’ll have more business than ever. This can be the start of a great overall marketing campaign that takes your brand up to the next level.

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