What is VOIP and where does it come from

You may have heard some articles about VOIP and how its becoming more and more relevant for business and domestic use. VOIP is just one of the many new use that telephony and the internet can be used for. It’s fair to say that when Meucci laid down the technology for the phone and Bell and Watson began to further it they probably did not dream of how it would change human lives, nor one imagines did they think it would be developed into what we have now. First there was the development of the landline then the increased usage and shrink of Mobile phones and now the use of the internet to communicate phone calls via VOIP. VOIP and Skype are essential the same thing. Rather than waves or underground cables they use the internet as a base to transfer the voice. It can be a much cheaper option but there are some phrase and jargon that you should be aware of before looking into using this system.

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First of all, lets define what VOIP means. It stands for Voice over the internet protocol. As was mentioned before it just means that when you make a phone call you use the internet to convey the voice rather than a landline or microwave. Its just another way of using a digital signal as opposed to an analogue one. That’s the easy one.

Wholesale voice termination. Ok this is a bit harder to explain without getting a bit tied down into terminology. It’s basically the process of moving your call on your provider over to another one where the person you want to call is based. How the process happen is that a tier 1 wholesaler purchase up the connections between countries. This purchase price is based upon how much traffic they think they are going to get. These connections are then sold to the providers who will sell a package to you. These are the tier 2 providers. So, when you make the call you are using a package supplier by a tier 2 provider with the tier 1 provider basically powering it. Essentially, you’ll never have to talk to the tier 1 provider as they are too busy sorting out he internet traffic demands to worry about the sales said of things. If you are looking for a wholesale azvoip termination company then take a look at https://www.idtexpress.com/

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Soft Phone. As opposed to a hard one you might ask? What this means is it is a telephone that lets you make a call using a computer or a tablet with the internet as its base of transfer. You will need to have speaker to hear the other person and microphone or head set with a microphone to speak back. You can get a computer with this already added or it can be bought separately and added.

There is still a fair bit of technobabble to get your head around, but these are the main basic ones to start with. Try the link above for some expert help and advice.

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