What Exactly Are Azure Services?

If you are in the business of running websites or web services, you have likely encountered the phrase “Azure services” a number of times. What exactly are these services? Why are many companies offering Azure cloud services if Azure is a Microsoft-owned brand? The website LiquidDataSystems.com, for example, offers Azure storage and cloud business solutions.

What are Azure services?

Officially known as Microsoft Azure and previously called Windows Azure, the phrase Azure services refers to the cloud computing service created by Microsoft. It is intended for the development, testing, deployment, and management of applications and services through a global network of data centers managed by Microsoft.

Microsoft has a directory of its Azure services. These include services in the areas of machine learning, analytics, databases, systems integration, internet of things, management, media, networking, data migration, security, as well as archive and hybrid cloud storage. This multitude of services covers virtually everything a business or organization will likely have to deal with in regard to the use of computers and the internet. In machine learning, for example, Microsoft’s Azure solutions include bot services, data bricks, search, genomics, custom search, cloud search, content moderation, computer vision, linguistic analysis, speech recognition, translation, and data science virtual machines.

As used by non-Microsoft cloud service providers…

Azure services basically are an expanding range of cloud services provided by Microsoft to businesses and organizations. However, the phrase is used differently by companies. When they mention Azure services, what they usually mean are Azure-based services.

Going back to the website mentioned earlier, what Liquiddatasystems.com actually offers are Azure-based cloud storage and cloud business solutions. Obviously, these are neither services provided by Microsoft nor are they services sanctioned by or affiliated with the prominent software company. What’s being offered are services that correspond to the specifics of the Azure cloud platform. These are solutions that are compatible with Microsoft’s global network of data centers. These services make it possible for businesses and organizations to build, deploy, and manage their applications or services with the renowned power and reliability of the Azure platform.

In summary, the term Azure service is mostly not used exclusively for Microsoft’s Azure range of solutions. This is not exactly ideal but it’s how things work in the industry. Many cloud service providers advertise that they are offering Azure services but are not actually offering Microsoft’s services. They are not offering these services as affiliates or resellers. Most of them don’t maintain any business or professional relationship with Microsoft.

This is not to say that many potential customers of cloud solutions are not capable of discerning this fact. Those who have enough experience in the IT field know well enough what Azure services mean when they are being offered by companies that are not affiliates of or which are totally not related to Microsoft. It may just be worth pointing this out to address the possible confusion especially for those who are not that well-versed with cloud services and brands.


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