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The public psychiatry groups are multi-proficient and conveyed in various structures outside the clinic in general an area, nearest to the populace. They are composed by the Medico-Psychological Centers (CMP).

Restorative Psychological Centers (CMP)

CPMs offer opportunities for individual and gathering advising and treatment. They are expected to do activities of aversion, finding, outpatient care and direction.

The care is given by psychiatrists, clinicians, recovery therapists (psychomotriciens, language instructors) and paramedics (medical attendants, teachers). The groups of these structures work in a system with numerous accomplices, social and medico-educational structures, socio-social, PMI, early childhood hardware, general doctor’s facility centers, health professionals, and so on.

The multi-professional health mind group is bound by proficient mystery

The care is funded specifically by the Social Security Fund, so you don’t need to propel costs. Concoction mechanical planarization or Chemical-mechanical polishing, regularly contracted CMP, is a system utilized as a part of semiconductor fabrication for planarizing the best surface of the in-process semiconductors wafer or the other substrate. The utilization of the EBARA CMP equipment parts hardware parts are there moreover.


The procedure utilizes rough and destructive synthetic slurry (generally a colloid) in conjunction with a polishing cushion and holding ring, normally of a more noteworthy width than the wafer. The cushion and wafer are squeezed together by a dynamic polishing head and held set up by a plastic holding ring. The best polishing head happens to be pivoted with various tomahawks of turn (i.e., not  at all concentric). This might be important with a specific end goal to set up the wafer for the arrangement of extra circuit components. For instance, this may be essential so as to bring the whole surface inside the profundity of field of a photolithography framework, or to specifically remove material in view of its position. Normal profundity of-field prerequisites are down to Angstrom levels for the most recent 65 nm innovation.

How It Works

The procedure of material removal isn’t just that of grating scratching, similar to sandpaper on wood. The synthetic concoctions in the slurry likewise respond with and additionally debilitate the material to be removed. The grating quickens this debilitating procedure and the polishing cushion wipes the responded materials from the surface. The procedure has been compared to that of a child eating a sticky candy. In the event that the candy sits on the tongue without being scratched around, the candy ends up secured with a gel covering, however most of the candy isn’t influenced. Just with an energetic scratching does the candy break up away.

Another similarity is the demonstration of brushing the teeth. The toothbrush is the mechanical part and the toothpaste is the synthetic part.


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