How to combine SEO techniques and blockchain technology

Blockchain technology is radically transforming processes across a range of industries; however, the blockchain industry itself has a lot to gain from the successful implementation of effective SEO techniques and strategies.

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The difference between the pre-blockchain and post-blockchain landscapes

The pre-blockchain landscape looked markedly different from the one we find ourselves immersed in today. For person A to access something person B was offering via the internet, both parties would previously have to access – and pay – an intermediary; now, rather than needing an intermediary to verify the particulars of a transaction, the blockchain community conducts the verification and ensures the transaction process runs smoothly and efficiently.

The importance of effective SEO

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is an integral component of the digital strategy of every business. Teams providing professional SEO services in London and across the country have the expertise and experience to ensure your business stands out from the crowd within your industry for all the right reasons.

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Companies such as provide professional SEO services in London and understand precisely how to promote your business to the top of search engine results pages for keywords within your niche. As it is unlikely that your target audience will look past the first page of results for their search query, you need to know that your website is securing the levels of visibility you need to appeal to new audiences and drive growth for your business.

Blockchain technology and SEO

If you open a new tab in your browser and enter ‘blockchain’ into your search engine, do not be surprised to discover that the results are distinctly underwhelming. Whilst you will find a few blockchain companies, they are surrounded by a seemingly endless stream of articles and blog posts seeking to explain what the technology is and how it works.

Although informative articles are undoubtedly important, the fact that these top-ranking articles are not hosted on the websites of blockchain firms demonstrates a clear and present requirement for effective blockchain SEO.

As audiences are demonstrating a clear desire to understand how to get involved with the blockchain community, ensuring that your website provides this information and utilises the benefits of a comprehensive SEO strategy is likely to be one of the best investments you will make for your business.

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