4 Key Insights to Help Optimize Online Marketing for Mobile

As you may have heard people on mobile devices now form the majority of online users, and more content is consumed every day by mobile users compared to desktop users. That didn’t just happen overnight, and marketers have long been tracking the meteoric rise of mobile traffic – and how it will impact their online marketing.

If you want to optimize your online marketing for mobile, there are a few recent insights in particular that could help:

  • Mobile ads are increasing, but mobile ad-blocking is increasing as well

At first glance optimizing advertising for mobile may seem like the best way to reach out to that demographic, but that isn’t necessarily the case. While the number of mobile ads and spending on them have increased dramatically, mobile users have responded by installing ad-blockers.

In short – online advertising may not have the desired impact in reaching mobile users, at least not in the long term.

  • Most of the time spent browsing media on mobile devices is on apps

Statistics show that the lion’s share of the time users spend browsing media on mobile devices is on apps – close to 90%, while the remaining time is on websites. While that isn’t surprising, it does show just how much apps dominate the mobile landscape.

In some cases you may be able to use apps of your own as part of your online marketing, however if not you may want to think about leveraging the popularity of other apps (e.g. Facebook, Instagram) to reach mobile users.

  • Research often begins with search engines or branded websites

On the other hand when mobile users are trying to research a particular product they often begin with search engines or branded websites (e.g. Wikipedia). That contrast is important, because it means that if you position your content as an answer to potential research – you’re likely to be able to reach mobile users.

Additionally it shows just how much importance some branded websites have, and the influence they exert on the mobile demographic.

  • Having a mobile-friendly website matters – a lot

The majority of users simply close their browser window or go elsewhere when they encounter a website that isn’t mobile friendly. Simply put if you’re interested in reaching mobile users you should either have a responsive design or a dedicated mobile website.

Considering the range of screen sizes for mobile devices is constantly changing, a responsive design tends to be preferable.

Each of these insights should give you a better idea of what to expect and how to optimize your online marketing efforts so that you can grab a larger slice of the mobile pie. That being said you may want to consult online marketing Cornwall experts for more thorough insights in mobile marketing as well as other forms of online marketing. At the end of the day the one thing that is clear though is that the mobile market is going to continue to grow and your online marketing efforts absolutely can’t afford to ignore it.

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