How to visualize data effectively with iOS charts?

People love images. The most part of what’s surrounding us is perceived by our brain through images. This way if you want to say something and you want people to listen, use images. A chart can help you deliver information faster and with greater accuracy than text and numbers. A well-made chart can step up your data presentation game and can help your audience to understand what you are trying to say. Mobile platforms are perfect for data visualisation trough charts sou making a few iOS charts will help you.

You have to establish the purpose of your presentation beforehand. If you want to educate, display your relevant data using some charts and let the audience learn by themselves. If you want to have some sort of influence try to do some kind of comparison. Have two charts side by side or show more data sets at once. If you want to motivate your audience you have not only to present your data but you have to create a story. Stories are what motivates people so creating one will definitely motivate your people to action

Know your audience. Every time you are creating an iOS chart or presenting some kind of data you have to make sure that you know your audience. It will make a huge difference if you adapt your style to your audience. Some factors like culture, beliefs, and religion can help you deliver information better. Take into consideration everything you know about your audience and try to use every information for your help.

Don’t forget about ethics. Always make sure that your data source is reliable and you are not misleading your audience. I talked about influencing your audience using data but you should always follow some rules. It’s your responsibility to check if the information you are giving is correct and that you are not misleading anyone. If you don’t have reliable data consequences can be devastating especially in domains like health, security or news.

Now that you identified your audience and you know that your source is reliable it’s time to focus on visuals. Your charts should be on point, clear and easy to read. Take into consideration the disabilities that your audience might have and make your presentation accordingly. Think about how your visual representation will be consumed. Different screens may need a different kind of visuals so you should know beforehand how you will present your data.

Now that you know how to use data visualization in your favor you can visit to build the perfect chart for your presentation. SciChart is the best when it comes to high-performance iOS charts so you should definitely check them out.

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