Great Features You Will Find in WLToys A969

Are you an RC truck enthusiast? Do you enjoy seeing your toy truck running against obstacles in high speed? If the answers for both questions are yes, you definitely will know, or even already had, one of the nicest 1 : 18 RC cars in the market right now, WLToys A969.

WLToys is not a new player in this industry and sometimes we just unconsciously look for this brand when we are searching for some new RC cars to complete our collection. If you are looking for a nice and fierce looking RC truck in the 1/18 class, you can definitely find plenty of models you like from this brand. But if quality is your first priority, there are several reasons why A969 will make you more than happy.

Firstly, let’s talk about the design. Design is a very important thing for a radio control car because for us, it is more than just a toy. There is a sense of satisfaction when we can get our hands on an RC car that mimics the appearance of a real car out there. This product nails everything in the design area because its color, proportion and shape is really strong and sporty yet edgy. It definitely spells an adventurous high-end truck.

Furthermore, it also comes with a very durable construction. It is not a secret that we use our RC truck to face various obstacles and we make it ride on so many different terrains. This is why the manufacturer equipped this product with 4WD independent suspension, steel parts in the front and rear as well as shock absorber. Those features will make sure the truck will still intact even though it must face the numerous challenges of off-road terrain.

You also don’t have to doubt the capability of this RC truck when it comes to speed. Compared to other RC cars, A969 is definitely one of the fastest among other RC cars. With a top speed of 8.45 km per hour, this is the toy truck that will send you to the podium during a short course race. With its 390 motor, you don’t have to worry about its power.

This RC truck comes with 2S lippo battery that can sprint well on the road for a good ten minutes after one 150 minutes charging session. You can play it both indoor and outdoor and the control range is more than 100 meter. It is more than enough for a short course RC truck.

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