7 tips to using Instagram effectively for your business

No other social media platform, including Facebook and Twitter, has a more engaged audience, with so little competition. As a result, businesses are able to present their products to an interested, targeted audience, with comparatively little advertising spend. Check out the tips below to get started.

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1 Be creative

Try placing the emphasis on the solution the products and services you sell provide, rather than the products themselves. Your Instagram page needs to both look good and add value. Visual content can either be an asset or detrimental to your campaign, so care must be taken to ensure this is an area of priority.

Instagram allows you to showcase products and services through video, images and collage, which stays live for 24 hours only, so must be refreshed and updated daily.

2 Winning profile

It is impossible to fit everything you do as a company into 150 characters. Instead, focus on special events and USPs. Use the Bio section to link to your website (check out http://www.rycomarketing.co.uk/web-design-belfast-northern-ireland.html for web design in Belfast if you don’t yet have one), to drive event registrations, purchases and app downloads. Don’t forget to update it frequently.

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3 Behind the scenes

Customers nearly always have a wish to understand the product lifecycle, especially when it comes to FairTrade and environmentally responsible products. Instagram can be used to show this through images and short videos.

4 Use hashtags to extend your reach

Hashtags can have a general company focus or be used to promote a specific campaign. Use five to ten hashtags per post, include campaign and industry-specific examples to attract the right target audience.

5 Mention and collaborate

There are several ways to strengthen your brand values and reach out to your community. Choose a charity or not for profit organisation which aligns well with your mission and brand values and then champion the cause once or twice a year. Alternatively, use shout-outs to promote another brand and increase exposure as they return the favour.

6 Build excitement and anticipation

Keep followers happy with new products, services and special offers. Customers like to feel they are special and have access to insider knowledge and exclusive content.

7 Analyse and build upon success

Use analytics to identify what works and what doesn’t, and tweak your campaign accordingly.

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