3 Tips That Help You To Optimize The Performance Of CDN

For most of the part, the CDN is responsible for the best performance of the content delivery across the channels. The CDN controls the network, caching servers, load balancers and all these are involved in delivering the content from the main edge to the users.

So, what you can do to enhance the performance of the CDN-

  1.    You can use the high performance DNS

For instance, you are using the static.example.org on the CDN and the origin.example.org as the origin. If the authoritative DNS for the example.org suffers from the lower availability and high level of latency, this will surely have bad impact on the content delivery network performance. It is better that you make cdn speed comparison before buying the best CDN server for your company. Never use the DNS service for the hosting provider just it is included in the deal. It is really easy and affordable to use high performance global DNS like Google, Cloudflare or Azure.

  1.    Move the origin close to the CDN

If most of the users do reside anywhere in Asia, do not place the origin of the server very far away locations like the New York or the Amsterdam. It is always better to keep the latency low between the CDN and the origin for the best performance. If you are not able to host the origin close to the CDN, it will affect the performance of the CDN. If you cannot host the origin close to the CDN, better you can use the origin shield.

  1.    You can have the IPv6 connection

Facebook has made lots of research on the connectivity of the IPv6 performance. It is better that you should have the IPv6 connection for improving the performance of the CDN.

Apart from all these processes, you can also reduce the TLS connection time, keep the connection alive, you can also reduce the byte size, and you can also be a cache-control master. By all these methods, you can hence improve the performance of the CDN. It is better that you buy a good CDN from a reputed provider.

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