EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Review

When we talk about data recovery software, we must be aware that the options are vast and that not every software fulfills ours requirements in more than one way; some of them may be really easy to use but very expensive or maybe don’t have the possibilities to scan some devices or maybe it has it all but the only language available is not the one you speak, etc. Finding the right one seems harder now, right? Meanwhile your data is still lost. There’s where EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard enters the game and becomes the ultimate option when talking about free data recovery software.

Why choosing a free data recovery software?

It’s very common to think that if a program or software is paid must be better than a free one but that’s not necessarily true and EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is the perfect example for that. This specific software offers a wide range of advantage in its free version that are perfect for the non-technical use and has the option of a paid upgrade for a more extensive use if needed.

This recovery software is specially designed to be friendly with any kind of costumer whether they have or not informatic knowledge, not only in the installation progress but also in the use and import/export of data. Aiming to achieve the widest range of costumer approach, it comes in multiple languages so terms and options can be fully understood for any country user.

Which are EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard remarkable characteristics?

Besides its customer friendly interface, “EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard” has the capacity to scan any kind of device,  both internal or external, so it’s not limited to Lost data in your computer; it covers pen drives, USB drives, cameras, etc…

Also, if you’re in the need of a quick recovery to keep working as soon as possible, it has the option of “quick scan” that uses little resources and finds recently lost data to allow all your programs to keep running.

If you’re in the need to find an old deleted file you can use the “deep scan” which will find any lost data in your device but needs much more resources from your PC too. And once you’ve recovered all your data, the only thing you have to do the export it is ONE CLICK. Finally, if your needs expand to your work environment or the loss data problem persists, then you can acquire an upgrade to solve the greater problems.

Still doubting on a data recovery software? This software is based on the idea of recovering your data without the need of calling any technicians and as easy as a few clicks, and that’s what makes it a very handy tool to have at home.

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