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Many small businesses owned and run by one person don’t have time, energy of resources to look at how they market their business. Many are stuck back in the last century, relying on Yellow Pages or ads in free local news papers as their only marketing strategy. Amongst this group of people are driving instructors. While many rely on word of mouth recommendations, as their main source of new business there are a few who have embraced new technology.

This new breed of driving instructors are using modern tech such as ipads to display driving lesson plans and online diary booking systems. Some are keen to embrace website design in order to tap in to the possibilities that are open to gain new customers through an online presence. By and large most driving schools realise that they need to utilise a professional driving school website designer such as Wanasite. On the other some try their hand at using diy web design products and platforms such as Wix.

So what are the pros and cons?

Wix and similar design platforms such as those offered by one and one and godaddy are relatively easy to use but for the non tech savvy it is still a steep learning curve. It will probably take a lot of hours to master the platform and to get the website just right. In terms of time spent this is unlikely to be the best use of time. A driving instructor would be best off using their time at what they are an expert at (teaching people to drive) and leave the web design job to the professionals.

Another disadvantage is the lack of flexibility with these cms type design programmes to achieve exactly what you want. You will probably left with a very boring generic looking website with stock images and which will not attract your potential new customers.

Finally is the question of SEO. Most people have heard of it, a few people know a little bit about it but only a professional is likely to understand how to do SEO in a way that will benefit rather than harm a web sites rankings. Lots of people have heard about keywords and so they proceed to stuff their website with every conceivable keyword in the conception that this is what is going to get them to number one in Google.

So the advantages of hiring a professional website designer to create your driving school website seem quite clear. You will get a better quality product with greater potential to rank in Google and in the long run it will cost you less.

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