Getting Targeted Twitter Followers that Convert

The definition of a successful Twitter marketing strategy is generating a consistent increase in the number of targeted Twitter followers you generate – with the magic word being “targeted”. Without targeted followers your efforts will “hit a brick wall”. Let’s face it, having millions of Twitter followers is useless if only a handful regularly engages with your Tweets. Instead, focus on gaining the right followers; individuals who are relevant to your business, those who can help increase your reach and turn into brand advocates and eventually customers.

The following strategies will help you get targeted Twitter followers that convert.

Increasing Your Profile’s Visibility

If you want to get more targeted Twitter followers, especially if you’re new to Twitter, the first thing you should do it to make sure that everything has been filled in on your profile. Once you’ve completed your Twitter profile you can cross promote it on other digital platforms, making it easy for your target audience to find and follow. Consider embedding your Twitter feed on your website, on your blog posts, etc. You can also link to your Twitter account from your newsletter’s, email, signature, etc., to increase visibility and reach new targeted Twitter followers.

Post Tweets that Get Attention

Twitter is a fast moving social media platform where people consume content at record speeds. What this means is that your Tweets need to be attention grabbing and frequent, giving visitors the opportunity to consume, engage and share them, increasing your chances of gaining new, targeted followers. To increase attention, you need to provide your target audience with content that inspires them to hit the “Follow” button. That said, avoid “hard selling” using cold sales tactics. People turn to Twitter for entertainment, to be educated and to connect with other like minded people.

Transform Your Engagement

There’s nothing more important when it comes to transforming engagement than regularly participating by engaging with people/brands, whether they’re following you or not. Consistent engagement will help you build an active, targeted Twitter community.

Expand Your Reach

There are a number of ways to expand your Twitter reach, including contests, employees and strategic alliances that share your tweets, etc. Additionally, there are ways to reach out to brands and individuals who you feel would be attracted to what you have to offer and follow them first. Most people will return the favor, especially if you’ve taken the fine to set up a Twitter profile that clearly communicates what you are all about. Their feelings of reciprocity can end up attracting new targeted Twitter followers that engage with you, are happy to share your content, and become advocates and eventual customers down the road.

Use Twitter Analytics

The most important part of putting the strategies listed here into action is to consistently test and measure them, using Twitter analytics. You’ll be able to review impressions, an increase or decrease in followers and the number of profile visits. This information will help you identify what’s working and what’s not, helping you determine where to focus your efforts.

Aside from the strategies for gaining new Twitter followers outlined above, the best advice we can give you is to be consistent (You’ll have higher engagement over accounts that don’t) and patient. Increasing targeted Twitter followers doesn’t happen overnight. As with other social media networks, success requires a commitment of time and energy, along with willingness to fine-tune your Twitter strategies as you go.

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