Best Tips of Typing for Beginners


The lesson of typing for beginners, you will firstly learn about the right hands placing, knowing the home row keys as well as how to use correct fingers for typing. On the progression, then you will learn to locate all keys correctly so that you can type comfortably without seeing the keyboard. Your accuracy, speed and confidence will increase as new letters mastering. You need time to feel comfortable typing because you need the right technique and developed muscle memory. When you have mastered the technique, then you can continue to learn the accuracy. Get some tips to learn typing below.

Pay Attention to Your Posture

By having a proper posture while typing, it will ensure the blood flows adequately to your fingers so that you can position your hands correctly. Besides, it will also prevent injuries on your back, lower arms, hand and wrists. The proper posture can be had by bending your elbows at 90 degree angle, let your wrist loose and rest your hands lightly onto the keyboard. It is recommended to make your neck position straight to the screen and make sure you don’t make your back curved. Position your feet flat on floor and relax your body. You can have healthy typing habits and prevent injury if you have the correct posture from the beginning.

Use Your Senses

Learning typing will be more effective if you use a multi-sensory learning method. When you see the words on computer screen use your eyes, fingers and ears to work together. Read the words aloud, hear it and then type the words by using the accurate fingers. If you join a multi-sensory program or course, you can get a hand guide on screen so you will know well which keys to type. For beginners, the visual guide will be useful and you can turn it off when you have been comfortable with your typing skills.

Get Shorter Typing Course

Staring on screen and keyboard too long will not be healthy for you. Courses of typing may not be shorter than 20 minutes and not longer than 1 hour. The frequent and short courses will be the most effective. To train your hands and develop your muscle memory, it is recommended to have a little practice every day or just some times every week. Make sure you have a little break time, doing stretch and focus the eyes away if you should type in extended period.

Learning from Mistakes

Because accuracy doesn’t have the same importance with the typing technique, don’t worry to make mistakes because you can learn much more from the mistakes. If you always hit the wrong keys accidentally, you may need to use a camera to record your typing hands and then try to move the fingers more correctly. If you can’t master every lesson over 80%, it is not recommended to take the next lesson.

Enjoy the Typing Lesson

As you learn typing, make sure you know all keys well and enjoy the new skill. When you have mastered typing technique and the speed, then you can take notes with brilliant skill. Besides, also learn the computer shortcuts as well as keyboard tricks as the part of learning. Learn from tangentbordsträning to get more guides for beginners in typing.

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