Project Management Tech Trends That Are Shaping the Construction Industry

If there is something that is highly evolving today, it has to be technology. This is because tech trends usually change within a year or less as newer ones that are more sophisticated and effective emerge. The driving force behind these advancements can be said to be the market forces which influence how businesses are run. In the construction industry, client expectations are growing higher and higher, and contractors are looking for ways to meet these expectations.

The only way that project managers have been able to deal with high client expectations together with the complexity and growing size of construction projects has been the use of tech. This is why it is important to always look out for the latest tech trends to remain on top of the competition and for now, they include the following:

Data analytics

Construction projects are characterized by low-profit margins, and business decisions need to be made faster and accurately. Wrong and untimely decisions often lead to cost overruns, late deliveries or total failure of the entire project. The consequences of such failures can be so severe because you will get dissatisfied customers, penalties from the regulatory bodies, lose competitive advantage or even your business in the end.

So, what can project management teams base their decisions on? It has to be data. Predictive data analytics allows you to review your data to get an oversight of the potential project risks so that you can fix them in time. This process requires techniques such as data mining, machine learning and predictive learning and things are getting better now that tech allows data can be obtained from job sites in real time.

Mobile tech

In the construction industry, the work is mainly done away from the office space. This means that project managers have to do more in managing the workforce who could be in remote locations. The challenges associated with this situation are that it is very easy for information to be lost, have communication failure, and incur huge travel expenses plus poor job quality. Well, that was before the time of the Smartphone. Mobile devices can now be accessed through internet browsers, and this means that they can function just like any PC but with the advantage of greater mobility. The development of many apps that are specifically designed for the construction industry is becoming a game changer as remote places are not remote any longer, and project managers are finding the management of the workforce easier than ever before.

Wearable tech

Project managers are taking the health and safety of the workforce seriously and thanks to wearable tech that not only protects but also communicate all safety issues that may arise. These wearables include smart glasses, smart clothing and smart watches among others. They are connected to construction apps and are becoming popular in the construction industry.

Cloud software

The use of management software in the construction industry like the construction project management software is now a common practice. However, there is the perception that the construction industry still uses the outdated forms of this software. What is coming out now is a trendy shift to cloud software that is flexible, scalable, and cheap and allows for high levels of collaboration and mobility. This is because cloud-based solutions allow for data to be transferred through distribution networks to secure locations.

Tech advancements have revolutionized many industries including the construction industry. Project managers now have the tools that they need to deliver quality projects that are done within time and budget. In this way, all stakeholders will be happy and satisfied for a project well done.

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