Cyber Insecurity: What Your Employees Need To Know


The discussion on insecurity can be a long one, and without a clear solution. It is because of insecurity that governments, businesses, and individuals invest a lot of money in solutions that are meant to make them and their possessions secure.

This is why there are armed forces, weaponry, locks and fences among other defense mechanisms. While insecurity is a threat to the physical world, the same can also be said about the world of technology.

The world today is powered by technology and businesses mainly rely on it to carry out its processes. This means that the most valuable business assets like data and other resources can easily be lost in case of any technological disruption.

Who is responsible for fueling cyber insecurity?

It is true that there are defense mechanisms that are already in place to counter the threat of cyber insecurity, but the problem is that businesses still lose huge amounts of money to cyber criminals. This can only mean that cyber criminals are very good in what they do.

The security measures that are in place are not good enough or the victims are easily gullible because they have little information about the threat that they are facing. Because cybercriminals are known to trick their victims, it means that they do not have any superior technology to attack your business IT system directly.

Also, the available defense mechanisms are effective in defending your system against cyber-attacks, but that can only work if you understand what and how they work. So, the main reason for successful cyber-attacks lies with the people that operate your technological infrastructure: your employees. This means that you need to conduct a cyber security training for all your employees because they are your first line of defense against cyber-attacks.

For employees to be well aware of cyber insecurity, they need to know the following:

The different forms of cyber attacks

Not many employees are aware of the extent of cyber insecurity including the different forms that they come about. To fight them, they need to understand and be aware of the different types of cyber-attacks that exist. They include malware, phishing, DoS attacks, password attacks, rogue security software, ransomware, malvertising and MITM among many others.

The available defense tools

Employees should also know the defense tools that are available as well as the technology that they use. This will enable them to appreciate the importance of those tools and use them as they are required. Such tools include firewalls, antivirus software, and encryption.

The current threat landscape

Cyber criminals are known to be highly knowledgeable in the area of IT and software development. This is why they keep coming up with new threats that are aimed at different groups of users. The trends that cyber criminals use highly change from time to time and this information is necessary for employees to become more aware of the biggest threats that their organization is facing.

The consequences of cyber attacks

Employees will not be serious about cyber insecurity unless they know the consequences that result from it. They should be aware that an attack will affect the reputation and trust of the company and ultimately affect them as employees of the company.

The role that they play in combating cyber insecurity

Employees have a significant role to play in preventing cyber-attacks, and they should be aware of it. They should know that the company’s system can be infiltrated by their errors, personal devices or just clicking on a link.

Technology is good, but it still has its pollutant which is cyber insecurity. Train your employees, and they will be an extra inner fence against cyber attackers.

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