Technological Advancements is Making Business Easy

Before search engine optimisation became a thing, old school advertising and marketing was the king and queen of making business. If your commercial is good enough, they will wait for it to come up on telly, businesses line up designs for posters and flyers for each new product or service they come up with, and so on. But with the advent of the Internet and the trend in online marketing, there has been a sudden shift towards digitising everything. Of course, traditional techniques are still being done today; but considerable efforts are being made towards making all of that available online.

The innovation that has been directed towards the business industry has made it possible even for small companies to have stakes in the game. Not only has it greatly improved communication, it has provided us with updated tools, and has given us access to all kinds of information. Take for instance the ASIC name search being offered by InfoTrack. It allows the public, whether as an investor or as a customer, to get access to company information that is pertinent when you decide if you should do business with them or not.

Technology is really a gift that keeps on giving. So to help us appreciate it more, here are some of the ways in which it has helped improve the way we do business.


Communication has become extremely easy

Smartphones have become a staple in our lives, we do not leave anywhere without it in our hands. Because of this, there really is no reason for us to miss out on a call or a text. However, communication has even upped the ante a bit and has provided us with chat apps like Skype and Slack that notifies us whenever we are tagged or if there is activity happening in a specific chatroom. It allows us to take video calls with investors from all over the world without the need to set up a laptop.


Online marketing has levelled out the playing field

The Internet is neutral ground, which means even if you are a start-up, the chances of getting notice by potential customers is equal to those of midsize to large companies. You battle it out through search engine optimisation — a way in which you can use your content or targeted keywords to make sure you are at the top of search engines like Google. Social media network and email marketing are also tools that help us rake in customers, retain them, and keep a close relationship with them.


Increase in productivity

Because of technology, we are able to finish tasks quickly. The reason behind this is it flushed out the unnecessary steps that we used to take just to tick off a task. For instance, the cloud system removes the need to sift through files in countless drawers just to retrieve one document. Instead, we can do a quick search on our cloud system, verify its contents, and send it to the person who requested it. It allows us to edit these documents without the need to print them out; and our teammates are getting real-time updates, to boot!

But most importantly, it has improved the way we deal with out customers. Now, they can just order through your website and have the parcel delivered to their doors. If they are quite busy, they would not have any time going to your physical store. So in a way, we are retaining our customers by making ourselves available to them online.


Maximise the benefits of technology and you will be seeing its rewards almost instantly.

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