New Creative and Inspiring Technology in the Making for 2017

Technology is undoubtedly the foundation of today’s world. It is a fundamental requirement for any developed nation to continue dominating and for any developing country to continue growing. The field of technology is ever changing. Innovations after innovations are coming up each and every day. Everyone is forced to keep up with the trends. In 2017, this field is expected to grow even more. Better and unimaginable innovations are expected to come into play. What more can we expect in 2017 as far as technology is concerned? If we must predict the future, we need to look and analyze events of the past. For us to project how technology will take shape in 2017, We should be able to tell what major developments took place in 2016.

Indeed, the developments of the past year project to a new phase of virtual reality this year 2017 will see the Creation of virtual assistants. This is a digital technology that is humanized taking the form of intelligent personal assistants. This is a technology that uses human- emulating data hubs and uses highly advanced artificial intelligence to capture human data. This is a reality of this year’s technological advances. Busy people will no longer need physical assistants to do some Work for them, but virtual assistants to do all the work for them.

We will also experience internet robots carrying the day. We will see many fascinating technological developments that will lead to development of commercial applications and machine learning.

We will see the actual functioning of what is commonly referred to as ‘the internet of things’ which is a connection of many ordinary devices that can be controlled virtually. Things that we use every day including kettles, cameras and blenders will all be linked together in an amazing but terrific chain. This might be the year you will be telling your Coffee machine to prepare you and your loved one’s Sweet black coffee, or your fruit blender to make you a thick glass of mango juice while controlling it in your car miles and miles away from home.

Robots will take the place of human resource in organizations. While most people might lose their jobs, robots will do many times the work done by humans hence will maximize profitability and reduce market costs.

Social media is expected to grow bigger in 2017. It will be the main avenue of developing an effective virtual world. Better social websites will be developed. Virtual reality games are also expected to grow big. People across continents will interact more without any need to travel.

Progressive web apps are also going to dominate 2017. Most websites will embrace this technology that bridge the gap between apps and websites. It will enable people to work offline and on low quality networks…progressive web apps example expected to grow bigger in 2017 is Alibaba.

Technology in 2017 will get more creative and amazing than any other year in history. In fact, more than what we have mentioned is expected. In the world of technology, anything can happen. What will become even bigger is the development of better smartphones with some flagships from leading companies already in place for this year of technological wonders.

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