Importance of App Store Page for Mobile Application Success

Developing a mobile app is just a half the battle to succeed in today’s competitive app stores. Mobile app developers spend enormous effort and money on user acquisition strategies for their mobile apps to reach more audience. App store page is one of the best influencer for attracting more people because it is an informative showcase of a content for a mobile app. So, it is important for app developers to show the best features with best design and words to convince us to download their apps. App store page has 5 different components which are app icon, app title, app screenshots, app reviews and app descriptions that each one should be taken care of meticulously.

App Icon is one of the first thing that users interact with, when purchasing a mobile app. It should represent the best features of an app with a most elegant way for drawing attention of potential users. Mobile apps with an imitated or irrelevant icons are often cannot survive in app stores.

App Title is a brief of a mobile app’s main function. It is like a brand name of a product which should be a short and recognizable to remember for users to share easily with their friends, family and closed ones.

App Screenshots are the second visual component of an App Store page to help users to understand what will they encounter when they start to use it. Namely, app screenshots should reflect how a great user experience app provides.

App Description is a letter with few words to communicate potential users to convince them about your app’s functions and quality. So picking the right keywords will affect the download decision of potential customers.

App Reviews are may be the most influential factor for downloading an app because others opinion of a product often affects people’s decisions. Getting more positive reviews are related with the user experience in app so the more you improve user experience, more you get the positive reviews.

Consequently, organizing and optimizing app store page of a mobile app is very important to succeed in competitive app store environment. Reaching out larger audience is increasingly challenging issue for app developers because of the over populated app stores. Users have thousands of options when downloading an app so they select the apps which seems like trustworthy. Therefore, optimize and enhance each components of app store page to create credible and attractive image on your potential users.

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