The Tech of Unifying Data for a Data Driven Company

When it comes to the importance of business data in decision making, any successful business can swear by it. Gone are the days when important business decisions were made based on mere assumptions thanks to modern tech advancements that have made it possible to gather, validate, analyze, store and avail data whenever it is needed.

This is why data driven companies are able to make better decisions by exploring data in an independent way. For this to be successful, the data from both internal and external sources should be made available and be accessed whenever it is needed. It should then be analyzed to give actionable insights that in turn will enable real-time decision making that yield good results. So, how can you make your enterprise data driven?


Ensure the integrity and quality of data that you have

Business data helps largely in making important business decisions that are meant to grow your business. This means that wrong data will lead to wrongs decisions and this is very dangerous. To avoid this, you will need to have disciplined employees and also use technology to automate your entire business processes.


For instance, instead of using manual clocking for your employees, use an online clocking system to monitor them remotely and measure their performance. You will also need to put your business intelligence in the hands of every decision maker. Many businesses put their data only in the hands of the IT and do not demand to see the data before major changes are made.


In this way, how will the company know where the truth lies?


Do away with data silos

You may have all the quality data that you may need to drive your business forward but if they are not in one place, there is not much that you can do with it. All you need is to consolidate all your data through a unified platform and avoid keeping them in data silos. In this way, you will enable data access for all your employees in a controlled self-service environment for easy response when processing requests.


You can do this by adopting a Cloud Enterprise Application Integration Platform that will allow you to unify, manage and secure your business data effectively. Data silos are barriers towards effective internal communication and breaking them down means that information can be shared across all departments of the organization which takes collaboration to a new level.


Transform your company’s culture

After putting all the tech infrastructure in place that help you achieve the goal of being a data driven company, you need to make everyone involved in you company to understand and trust the idea of a data driven company. This is to avoid a clash between the old business culture and the new one of making data and analytics the core business driving strategy.


You do not need to perform huge tech changes at once in order to become a data driven company. Just start small and concentrate on the most important aspects and then grow.

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