Mistakes People Make When Optimizing A WordPress Website

The truth is that WordPress stands out as one of the easiest CMS platforms to optimize at the moment. If SEO is something that you are interested in and you want to use something that would help you to easily climb in rankings from a technical point of view, this is what you want to use. However, most people do not really know that WordPress should be optimized. They think that it comes with all the optimization options needed right from the box. This is completely incorrect. In reality, there are things you have to do.

When you learn how to create a WordPress blog you quickly figure out the SEO strength the platform has. This does not mean you should not make changes. Out of all the mistakes people make, the following are the ones that should be avoided and that are the most common.

Not Installing An SEO Plugin

No matter what you may think at the moment, in order to take full advantage of everything this CMS system offers you have to install an SEO plugin. These are incredibly valuable because they allow you to automatically make the site stronger for the search engines to rank them. Most of the free plugins that exist at the moment offer everything you need from creating a sitemap that you can submit to Google Webmaster Tools to automatically adding meta tag descriptions to every single page.

Do be sure that you compare the current SEO plugins in order to see what you are more comfortable with. Some are really advanced but taking advantage of them is only possible when you have advanced search engine optimization knowledge. Something simpler would be a good idea if you do not know much about SEO.

Not Optimizing Images

WordPress allows you to add ALT tag descriptions to every single image that you have but few use this option. If you add an image to a post, be sure you do not make this mistake since you would be missing out on traffic that comes from search engines and your site will not be as strong as it could be.

Since we are talking about image optimization, it is worth mentioning it is a really good idea to add a plugin that would optimize your site images to be better suited for mobile users and for the current requirements of the search engines.

Not Writing Unique Page And Post Descriptions

Although we are faced with the possibility of generating these descriptions automatically through SEO plugins, it is still worth writing them manually. This is because the automatic descriptions will basically be the first part of the text. If you want to increase your strength in the eyes of search engines, writing different descriptions is a good idea. This is also great since it adds more content and you also have the extra advantage of creating a description that would have a much higher click through rate when popping up in results. Be sure you at least write some for the pages that bring in the most traffic.


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