DIY iPhone 6 Screen Repair Kit


It was very unfortunate that your iPhone 6 feel of your hand and hit the floor quite hard that the screen is broken. For new generation smartphone like iPhone 6, the screen is more than just the display but it is practically the control center of the device. All menus and features can only be accessed through its touchscreen. As the screen is broken and unresponsive, it is just the same the smartphone can no longer be used. It must be repaired to an initial condition. The bad news is touchscreen display is rarely repairable after such incident. It leaves the option of replacing the broken screen with the new one so your smartphone can be usable again.

It seems like the bad news isn’t over yet. Just like most iPhone 6 users, you already used this unit for quite long now and that’s no wonder because this model launched couple of years back. It means the warranty period is already over and you can’t make any repair or replacement claim. You must pay for the parts and repair work to get it fixed. The ideal way is to bring it to the authorized service center and hand it to the technician to remove broken screen and install  iphone 6 replacement screen. But this option comes with several downsides. First, you may need to wait very long until the smartphone is completely fixed and the cost for repair and parts charged by authorized service center can be really high. When you are looking for faster and much affordable option to deal with this problem, you need to ask to yourself are you savvy enough dealing with electronic circuits and small parts. If the answer is yes, then you can choose the do iPhone 6 screen replacement by yourself.

It is true that iPhone 6 seems like an advanced and sophisticated smartphone but still, it is an electronic device and the repair methods can be learnt and applied. That’s nothing like rocket science after all. There are many tutorial and guides you can find online including step by step video tutorials of replacing iPhone 6 screen. Now it is time to find the replacement parts you need and there’s no better place to find it than WPAUS, the one stop online shop for premium quality replacement parts.

WPAUS is dedicated to average people who want to do DIY repair for their gadgets. It is committed to provide parts and tools for various types and models of gadgets. All products offered there are high quality products coming from top leading manufacturers. There are options of genuine parts as well as more affordable OEM parts to choose. It won’t be difficult to find replacement screen for your iPhone 6 unit. You can easily browse through the menu to find iPhone 6 category and narrow down to the replacement screen listings. You can choose from the products presented there to find the right one suitable for your iPhone 6 model.

The best thing about WPAUS is it isn’t only offers replacement screen units but also offers iPhone 6 screen repair kits. This kit is specially design for DIY repair as it includes the replacement screen and the micro tools needed to do the repair.  Even better, this kit is offered at very interesting price. You can save significant amount of money compared to buy the replacement screen and the microtools separately. So, there’s no more reason to hesitate. It’s time to man up and try DIY repair on your iPhone 6 screen. Order the kit from WAPUS today and get it delivered within few days.

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