Software considerations for your company in 2017

As we head toward a new year, there is always a certain amount of planning for your business and its growth into the new year. Resolutions, per se, seem to be a thing of the past, yet setting one achievable goal in business is a sure-fire way to encourage innovation. What with the ever advancing digital industry, we look at the considerations for software that help to enhance businesses moving into 2017.

First, determine your needs

What benefits do you need the software to deliver? There are some key considerations in choosing the kind of software best for you, such as what exactly you want it to do and how you will measure its performance. What KPIs will you set and how can you measure them? Similarly, how will you measure the ROI of the software? Everything you spend money on in the business ultimately needs to be something which drives it forward and sees some return on investment. By thinking about these key questions, you can then start research, based on your answrs.

What are influencers saying?

Dependent on your niche industry, you will find that different software works for different effects. For example, if your business is in tech, then you will benefit from an app testing software such as that made by Sogeti UK. Their software check for scalability early on and is essential to growth. You will also need to field research into companies of a similar size, industry and with a comparable number of employees to inform your choice on which software is most apt for your development.

Analytics and UX

Big data and analytics drive growth forward and there are many types of software which are primarily for other business elements that can also report on analytics. This is the source of all information on your customers and their habits and is therefore invaluable. In 2017, Big Data is going to be on the rise, as data scientists look to see how it can feed improved user experience and inform analytics. Delivering data for analysis means that the software will be earning its keep, as it informs you of customer information and behaviour.

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