A Comparison of LED and Projection Displays: Which One is Better for You?

If you’re aiming to make a good impression when you make a presentation or want to make your point clear with the help of visual images, it’s normal to use either LED screens or projection displays – and though both are useful, it’s sometimes hard to decide between cost, quality, and purpose. You want to be as effective as possible, of course, and you want your message to come across. Considering your purpose, which is the best choice for you? Considering your message, how is it related to it? If you’re wondering about what visual aids to use best, this one’s for you. Here’s a comparison of LED and projection displays: which one is better for you?


Projecting displays are very handy, but when it comes to brightness, nothing tops your LED display – it would be the main reason why most prefer the LED displays at the end of the day. LEDs give a much clearer, crisper image that are top quality and actually avoid certain problems such as eye strain due to prolonged viewing.


How the images will be displayed matters – and there is no doubt that LEDs are better when it comes to displaying images at their full resolution. When it comes to display size, however, projecting your images gives you a lot more flexibility.

Setting the system

Projectors are limited in how they can be used, and LED displays tend to be much easier to set up and install – this is because with projectors, you need to ensure there is no interruption and no object between the projector and the screen.


In both cases, you should always have professionals look at the problem if an issue occurs. Projectors tend to be brought in, whilst LEDs are often easily repaired on location (by replacing bulbs or sorting out the software).


Projectors are more economical – although over time, an LED display tends to save money in maintenance and energy requirements. LEDs have fewer requirements when it comes to upkeep, but do require a larger sum of money at purchase.

Costs are usually a very important issue; however, there’s a reason why they are mentioned last. Cost should never be a consideration if you feel the presentation is important enough. Rather, your expenses should be considered an investment – you want to compare not only the amount of money going out, but also the potential returns you will get. You understand that each and every presentation has a potential outcome (based on that presentation), and you don’t want to look unprofessional. It’s not just about the way it looks, or the way it comes across. It’s about the impression you make. You want it to be the best.

Image courtesy of Ambro/FreeDigitalPhotos.net


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