How to Uninstall the iMessage App with Movavi Mac Cleaner


iMessage is a messaging platform on Mac computers that allows you to connect your email addresses and phone numbers. However, it is not quite popular among Mac users after many people complained that a lot of incoming messages sent by their friends are missing. This problem has led many people to replace iMessage with alternative messaging apps. If you no longer use iMessage, you can safely uninstall it with Movavi Mac Cleaner.

It can be a troublesome process to uninstall iMessage because you have to reference tutorials and there is a long list of steps to follow. You could end up spending hours trying to follow the tutorial but still did not uninstall iMessage from your Mac computer in the end. Movavi Mac Cleaner makes the entire process of uninstalling iMessage easy by requiring you to only perform a few simple steps to delete it.

When Movavi Mac Cleaner launch, you will find the Uninstaller menu on the left. You are to select the Uninstaller menu and select the OS X Apps. The OS X Apps only list the default Mac OS X apps and does not mix with the user apps. You should be able to find the iMessage app quickly by right clicking and choose sort by alphabetical listing.

After you choose to sort the system apps alphabetically, you can look at the first letter of the app and follow through M and look for Messages. The iMessage icon will display next to Messages. You are to check the checkbox next to it. iMessage occupies a size of 18.9 MB on your hard disk. Before you click the Remove button, you can take a look at other system apps to see if there is any app that you no longer want to use.

Deleting more than one system apps can help you to save a significant amount of disk space so that you have more disk space for other more useful purposes. The total size of the apps you selected is conveniently displayed below so that you know how much disk space you are going to save when you click on the Remove button.

By pressing the Remove button, all files associated with the app will be permanently removed including the shortcuts icons on desktop, core files that the are required for the apps to function efficiently, settings, save changes made on the app. You won’t be able to find a single trace of files that belong to the uninstalled app on your Mac computer.

After uninstalling the app, you can check the available disk space on your Mac. You will find that the available disk space has been increased by 18.9 MB. You should backup the iMessage chat history and messages if you want to reference them in the future prior to carrying out the uninstallation. It only takes a minute to uninstall iMessage and uninstalling it won’t interrupt with the performance of any app or your Mac OS X system. You may even find your computer load faster after the uninstallation of the iMessage app.

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