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Another ace from the stable of Microsoft, Office 365 was formally launched on 28th June 2011 and made originally for corporate users. With the launch of Microsoft Office 2013, the scope of Office 365 was also increased to include general consumers. Office 365 is, however, a brand name which refers to a collection of software and service packages which can be subscribed to, by paying either on a monthly or annual basis.

Office 365 software and services

This office desktop software has on offer different subscriptions for different types of users based on the general requirement of that category. The users have to specifically Login365 to use them. Subscriptions for the general consumers include:

  • The use of applications of Microsoft office either on a windows or OS X platform.
  • Storage is on OneDrive which is the cloud storage provided by Microsoft.
  • 60 Skype minutes per month for free to the user.

Since the corporate world has different set of requirements, their subscription packages are different and include:

  • Social networking services as well as Email provided through the hosted version of the Microsoft exchange server.
  • Skype made especially for the business server
  • SharePoint, a web application software, and Office online which enables the users to access web-browser based versions of MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint and OneNote.
  • Integration with Yammer, a service allowing social networking within organisations which is increasingly being used for intra-office private conversations
  • Online access to the office software.

Office 365 help and support

Since Office 365 is basically desktop based office software, setting it up and using its services might be a bit confusing at first. To help users in this and enable them to get the most out of the technology they have invested in, Microsoft offers the following services:

  • Network of experts

Any Office 365 subscription gives the user access to a network of trained software professionals and experts from around the world. These experts with their in-depth knowledge and proficiency in the use of Microsoft productivity tools are well equipped to handle any and all types or queries from Microsoft users.

  • Premium support and other Microsoft services

These enhanced services are primarily for the enterprise users who are in the process of changing over from physical servers to the use of cloud servers. The intricacies of this transition can best be handled using the following procedures:

    1. Lifecycle: This establishes a proper route to enable the infrastructure and various processes of the business to shift to the cloud.
    1. Deploy: By enabling proper training for the different users including the IT personnel, administrators, help desk etc., they can be made to become proficient enough to Login365.
    1. Support: The proactive support and escalation management provided by this software helps reduce the risk of an infrastructure crash thereby increasing its stability and reliability.

The online support given by Microsoft amalgamates flexible services and a deeply committed and accountable team with knowledge and expertise. This creates a combination which is not only difficult to beat but also enables small businesses and enterprise users to use the full potential of technology thereby maximising their output and profit.

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