Photography for Marketing Purposes

Using photography in marketing of products is a popular sales method. Consumers have short attention spans. They also need to see the same message or image repeatedly, for the message to reach them. This must happen before consumers can make the decision to purchase the product. This is why quality photography is critical, in getting the attention of consumers rather than turning them away.

Marketing managers are responsible for ideas on how to make the perfect images for glossy magazines ads, signs, and billboards. Photographers must turn ideas created by marketers, into visual stories that consumers will notice and think about. If the image isn’t interesting, viewers may pass by and glance, but won’t give it a second thought.

Product images are produced one of two ways. They are either images of the real product or are images created by graphic artists, capable of accurately reproducing the image. Whether the image is an attractive bottle of cologne or an icy drink can, the reflections that can detract from the image are eliminated in professionally created pictures.

The real work starts after the concept or idea is presented. Creating original pictures that accurately reflect the message and making them look flawless is the challenge of product photography. A chilled drink can with a depiction of ice droplets or an icy fog surrounding it is what creates the story that will pique the interest of the consumer. An effective image gets the consumer to think about an action, such as consuming the product. This is what leads to consumer purchase decisions.

To create the right picture and combine it with other aspects of the ad, like the right text font, with a style that suits the image, takes a keen eye for photography and marketing. The effective image gets the attention of consumers in a positive way. A picture is truly worth “a thousand words” in terms of marketing photography.

Producing an advertising photo that accurately reflects the brand and related products takes a good eye and plenty of talent. A passionate marketing photograph understands what it takes to capture the essence of the image and turn it into something consumers will pay attention to. A marketing manager won’t accept anything less than the perfect image of the product. So, the photographer must get it right the first time, by producing the best image possible, which creates the right story to draw in consumers.

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