Pandora FMS Apache Cassandra Checking

Myspace produced Cassandra DB in order to energy their own Mailbox Research function within 08, as well as Tweets introduced they’d make use of Cassandra simply because it may be operate on big server groupings and it is effective at consuming large levels of information this year. These days, Cassandra is definitely an Apache top-level task, additionally understands because Apache Cassandra.

To handle plenty of information the significance associated with checking this particular the main structures is actually growing. If you are using Cassandra, you will need to understand how to keep track of this.

What’s Apache Cassandra?

Apache Cassandra is definitely an open up supply dispersed data source administration program made to manage considerable amounts associated with information throughout numerous item machines, supplying higher accessibility without any solitary stage associated with failing. Cassandra provides strong assistance with regard to groupings comprising several information facilities, along with asynchronous masterless duplication permitting reduced latency procedures for those customers.

How you can gather information

The actual Cassandra information removal has been carried out essentially with the delivery associated with instructions within the Surgical Program. The actual CQLsh customer can be used to operate CQL instructions and also the common record documents associated with Cassandra are utilized in order to get data as well.

Guidelines that people may get through Cassandra tend to be referred to beneath:

Cassandra_Process: Shows home elevators the actual standing from the cassandra procedure.

Cassandra_CPU_Usage: Shows the actual processor make use of for that cassandra procedure within %.

Cassandra_Memory_Use: Shows the actual storage make use of for that cassandra procedure within %.

Cassandra_Error_Log_Messages: Shows the quantity of mistake communications within the cassandra record.

Cassandra_Warning_Log_Messages: Shows the quantity of caution communications within the cassandra record.

Cassandra_Network_Connections: Shows the quantity of system cable connections through customers.

Cassandra_Thrift_Server_Status: Shows the actual standing from the thrift server.

Cassandra_Cluster_Status: Shows the actual standing from the primary Bunch.

Cassandra_Key_Cache_Size: Shows how big the important thing cache within kbs.

Cassandra_Active_Commands: Shows the quantity of energetic instructions or even job becoming performed.

Cassandra_Pending_Commands: Shows the quantity of impending instructions.

Cassandra_Completed_Commands: Shows the quantity of finished instructions.

Cassandra_Active_Responses: Shows the quantity of energetic reactions in order to instructions performed through cassandra.

Cassandra_Pending_Responses: Shows the quantity of impending reactions in order to instructions.

Cassandra_Completed_Responses: Shows the quantity of finished reactions in order to instructions.

Cassandra_Nodetool_Configuration: Picks up in the event that Nodetool is actually operating correctly.

Guidelines that could impact terribly the actual overall performance associated with Cassandra:


















In order to keep track of Cassandra, we will make use of Pandora FMS.

This particular plugin is actually obtaining information performing instructions within the Surgical Program, examining Cassandra’s record as well as performing nodetool (Command collection power incorporated upon Cassandra’s installation).

This particular plugin completes the actual instructions as well as inspections all of the essential ideals in to software program broker quests, XML formatted, prepared to end up being delivered to Pandora FMS Information Server.

Therefore, we are able to obtain these types of prebuilt inspections at any time, and never have to create all of them through ourself.

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